Blow room | Operating zones in the blow room

Blow Room 
Cotton fibre is compressed in a bale of 200 to 250 kg. This highly compressed cotton fibre need to be opened at first as a part of yarn manufacturing. And there is 1.5% to 7% trash in a cotton bale which is also needed to be removed before further processing. This process of opening & cleaning is known as blow room process. Blow room consists of a number of m/c used in succession to open & clean the cotton fibre to the required degree. 40% to 70% of the total trash is removed in this section.

Blow room |

Operating zones in the blow room
1. Zone-1: Opening machines. 
👉Example- Conventional bale opener, Uniflock of Rieter, Blendomat of trutzschler

2. Zone-2: Coarse cleaning machines. 
👉Example- Step cleaner, Uniclean or Monocylinder Cleaner of Rieter, Axiflo Cleaner or Dual roller cleaner etc.

3. Zone-3: Blending machines. 
👉Example- Conventional vertical opener, Unimix of Rieter, Integrated Mixer of trutzschler etc.

4. Zone-4: Fine cleaning machines. 
👉Example: RN Cleaner of Trutzschler, ERM cleaner of Rieter.

5. Zone-5: Intensive cleaning or opening machines. 
👉Example- Uniflex of Rieter, Flexiclean of Lakshmi, conventional Scutcher etc.

6. Zone-6: Card feeding. 
👉Example- Conventional lap feed, modern Flock feed.

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