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Friday, 4 December 2020

Bale Management

Bale management: Testing, sorting & mixing bales according to properties of fibre for producing specific good quality yarn at minimum cost is called “Bale management”.

Object of Bale management: An evening out of the quality characteristics of a yarn. A means of avoiding quality jumps. A possibility of reducing costs.

Bale Management

What is mixing and blending?
Mixing -If different grade of same fibres are kept together, then it is called mixing. e.g. 50% of 1.25” staple length of cotton + 50% of 1.125” staple length of cotton. Blending -When different fibres of same or different grades are kept together and their composition is known and the yarn is reproducible then it is called blending.

Objects of blending: 
  • To achieve uniform quality.
  • To improve processing performance.
  • To reduce and control of production cost.
  • To give the required characteristics to the end product.

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