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What are the differences between dyeing and printing?

Dyeing: A dyeing process is an interaction between a dye and a fibre, as well as the movement of dye into the internal part of t… Read more

Important Dyeing Terms & Definitions

👉Adsorption  Dye molecules when come to the contact of the textile fibre. Dyes do not penetrate into fibres rather stay on the s… Read more

Yarn Dyeing | Yarn Dyeing Flow Chart

Emdadul Haq Lecturer, Department of Textile Engineering, Primeasia University; Bangladesh Dyeing is the application of dyes or p… Read more

Theory of Dyeing

The general theory of dyeing explains the interaction between dye, fibre, water and dye auxiliary. Dyeing process is essentially … Read more

Affinity | Substantivity | Colour Yield | Liquor-to-goods ratio

Affinity: is the attraction of dye to the fibre at normal condition of dye bath. It defines the quality of the dye. Affinity of a… Read more

Knit Fabric Dyeing Process Parameter

Emdadul Haq  Lecturer, Department of Textile Engineering, Primeasia University; Bangladesh  Dyeing is a process of coloration of … Read more

Comprehensive Viva Preparation | Dyeing & Finishing

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Lab Dip & Yarn Dip

Vendors get colour standards for all the colours mentioned in the purchase order (PO). Getting colour standards from customers&#… Read more

Comprehensive Viva Preparation-Dyeing

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