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Want to learn textile printing? | Click now!

The process of doing colouration on the specific area of the textile material (fabric) as per a pre-designed pattern. The main di… Read more

What are the differences between dyeing and printing?

Dyeing: A dyeing process is an interaction between a dye and a fibre, as well as the movement of dye into the internal part of t… Read more

What is Printing? | Process flow chart | Classification

Printing:  The process of doing colouration on the specific area of the textile material (fabric) as per a pre-designed pattern.… Read more

Process Flow-Chart for Wet-processing of Textiles

Process Flow-Chart for Wet-processing: Grey Textiles (fibre/yarn/fabric) 🔻  Pre-treatment (Singeing, De-sizing, Scouring… Read more

What are Colouring materials? | Properties | Classification

Colouring materials (Dyes/pigments) are generally coloring materials for dyeing operation. There are various types of dyes & … Read more

Nomenclature of coloring materials | Color Index specification

Nomenclature of a coloring material is of paramount importance and very interesting, a successful dyer must have some knowledge o… Read more

Composition of a Dye | Chromophore, Chromogen & Auxochrome

A dye has three parts in its structure – chromophore, chromogen and auxochrome. Dye = C hromophore + Chromogen + Auxochrome … Read more

Composition of Commercial Dyes

Dyes are available in market in different forms, such as- Fine powders, granular form, aqueous paste, liquid solution or dispersi… Read more

Process Sequence of Biological ETP

Emdadul Haq   Lecturer, Department of Textile Engineering, Primeasia University; Bangladesh  Effluent Treatment Plant or ETP is o… Read more

Important Dyeing Terms & Definitions

👉Adsorption  Dye molecules when come to the contact of the textile fibre. Dyes do not penetrate into fibres rather stay on the s… Read more

Theory of Dyeing

The general theory of dyeing explains the interaction between dye, fibre, water and dye auxiliary. Dyeing process is essentially … Read more

Affinity | Substantivity | Colour Yield | Liquor-to-goods ratio

Affinity: is the attraction of dye to the fibre at normal condition of dye bath. It defines the quality of the dye. Affinity of a… Read more

Comprehensive Viva Preparation | Dyeing & Finishing

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Solution to effluents treatment । Sustainable Wastewater Treatment

Bangladesh is one of the most promising textile producing countries in the World. With the blooming contribution to the nationa… Read more

Textile Testing Lab

Testing   To evaluate how something works under certain established methods or test standards. Textile testing is to check it… Read more

Lab Dip & Yarn Dip

Vendors get colour standards for all the colours mentioned in the purchase order (PO). Getting colour standards from customers&#… Read more

Comprehensive Viva Preparation-Printing

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Comprehensive Viva Preparation-Dyeing

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