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What are Colouring materials? | Properties | Classification

Colouring materials (Dyes/pigments) are generally coloring materials for dyeing operation. There are various types of dyes & … Read more

Composition of Commercial Dyes

Dyes are available in market in different forms, such as- Fine powders, granular form, aqueous paste, liquid solution or dispersi… Read more

Comprehensive Viva Preparation | Textile Fibre & Polymer Chemistry

Read more

Viscose Rayon Fibre | Manufacturing of Viscose Rayon Fiber Polymer

Emdadul Haq Lecturer,  Department of Textile Engineering, Primeasia University; Bangladesh Viscose Rayon Fibre is… Read more

Textile Testing Lab

Testing   To evaluate how something works under certain established methods or test standards. Textile testing is to check it… Read more

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