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Showing posts with label Environmental Science. Show all posts

Wednesday, 27 May 2020

Solution to effluents treatment । Sustainable Wastewater Treatment

Bangladesh is one of the most promising textile producing countries in the World. With the blooming contribution to the national economy, it, unfortunately, is suffering from some environmental sustainable critical issues. Bangladesh is a riverine country having plenty of water resources. But regret to mention that most of the rivers and canals are becoming increasingly polluted from industrial wastewater dumped by factories especially the textile industry. The chemicals and wastewaters discharged from the industry like dyeing, printing, washing industry are harshly dangerous to the environment, and as a result, water bodies, aquatic sediments, soils become polluted and eventually, aquatic animals and agricultural products are being damaged.

Tuesday, 19 May 2020

Potentiality of chicken feathers as textile fabrics

Every year roughly 22 million tons of chicken feathers are being produced as the by-product of white meat used as human food in the whole world. It has been seen that many a time we are not concerned about the feathers after getting the chicken meat. Consequently, it is disposed of as the wastes and as it is chemically resistant, is typically incinerated or ends up in landfill or as low-grade animal feed. The feathers buried or incinerated pollute the environment and reduce soil fertility as well. This is one of the biggest challenges for a safe and sustainable environment.

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