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Sunday, 17 May 2020

How to protect the Textile and RMG Business in Bangladesh?

How to protect the Textile and RMG Business in Bangladesh?
Industry-University Collaboration
The readymade garment (RMG) and the Textile industry of Bangladesh are playing an important role in the national economy and this sector is directly employing about 4 million people. Moreover, when considered indirectly, the country's various types of business, including bank-insurance, have developed based on this industry. That is why this sector is the country's focal point and the most important as well. Various initiatives should be taken for its development and expansion. Currently, Bangladesh's readymade garments and textile sector is mainly doing the business with traditional items like t-shirt, polo shirt, tank top, trouser and other low valued basic items. These items are cheaper and of course less profitable considering the value of time and our resources whereas time is considered money in today's world. Unfortunately, because of the large quantity order, we are forgetting about other possibilities.

Sunday, 3 May 2020

Textile Higher Studies at Home & Abroad

Md. Syduzzaman
Assistant Professor
Department of Textile Engineering Management, BUTEX

Day by day the consumer choice of textile-clothing is changing with the changes in fashion trends. Traditional textile & clothing is now being widely used in various fields including modern fashion, smart textiles, medical applications, space applications and so on. Textiles are not confined only to traditional clothing nor to basic manufacturing processes. This development is the result of ceaseless researches on textile home & abroad. Rigorous researches are still underway to ensure a more modern use of textiles. The Bangladesh University of Textiles (in short BUTEX) is one of the renowned textile-based universities in south Asia.

Fabric Production Techniques

There are different types of fabric production techniques such as weaving, knitting, braiding, non-weaving (for example, felting) and so on....