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Plain Weave structure

What is Plain weave? A weave obtained by lifting the even no. warps at one pick & the odd no. of warps in the next pick. … Read more

Weave, Drafting, Lifting and Denting Plan | Weaving

What is Weave plan? It illustrates the interlacing of ends and picks in the fabric under consideration. In the weave plan, sp… Read more

Formula number vs Repeat number

Formula Number It is a kind of shorthand expression of the waving of warp and weft yarn. It gives the information of succe… Read more

Comprehensive Viva Preparation | Fabric Production Techniques

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Comprehensive Viva Preparation | Loom Motion

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Comparison between Knitted and Woven Fabrics

Knitting is a method of producing the fabrics, where yarns are interlooped to form a flat fabric. Two types of knitting exist, … Read more

7-Wheel Take-Up Mechanism

Emdadul Haq  Lecturer, Department of Textile Engineering, Primeasia University; Bangladesh   Take-up is the secondary motion of t… Read more

Comprehensive Viva Preparation-Weaving Calculations

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