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Responsive car seat | Common problems of car seat

What is responsive car seat? The car seat which changes its shape with Human Body Contour and Gesture control can be termed as “… Read more

Graphene - A Promising Material for Sensors and Energy Storage

Engr. Mahmuda Akter Ph.D. researcher, Erciyes University/Turkey Assistant Professor (Department of Apparel Engineering) Banglades… Read more

Manufacturing and processing of multiaxial 3D woven and stitched composites

Introduction Last few decades, extensive research and structural engineering interest have been moving from monolithic materials … Read more

Crosslink–Chitosan/Activated Carbon Nanomembrane

Chemical and biological contaminants present in environments such as in water sources are a constant concern for human health. Ev… Read more

Phase change material | Thermo-regulating textile | Smart fabrics

Different types of fabrics are used in sportswear. Ensuring wearers’ comfort is the principal objectives of these types of fabric… Read more

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