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Importance of research articles for higher study application

অনেকেই উচ্চশিক্ষার প্রস্তুতি মানেই বুঝেন জিআরই (GRE) , টোফেল (TOEFL) বা আইইএলটিএস (IELTS) । আসলে এগুলোর পাশাপাশি আরেকটা অতীব … Read more

Loom Parameters for Producing Fabrics from Finer Yarns Using Asymmetric Cams

Loom parameters play a significant role  in producing fabrics from finer yarns . It is always difficult to weave cloths especiall… Read more

Mechanical Properties of Jute/Polypropylene Composites

Jute fiber is a promising reinforcement for use in composites on account of its low cost, low density, high specific strength an… Read more

Applications of Graphene in Textiles and Composite industry

Graphene is one of the carbon allotropes containing a single layer of atoms positioned in a two-dimensional (2D) hexagonal or hon… Read more

Weave plan in a weaving factory

Weaving is a method to produce fabrics by the right angle interlacement of 2 sets of yarn –named as warp [longitudinal direction… Read more

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