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Siro Yarn | The principle of Siro spinning

What is Siro Yarn? Siro Yarn is manufactured by a method called Siro Spinning or Eli twist spinning. In this, the yarn is made in… Read more

Study on Core Spun Yarn Manufacturing Process

Core spun yarn or compound yarn is one of the remarkable special yarns . One of the techniques to manufacture core spun yarn i… Read more

Sonali Bag | The inception of a new era for green packaging

Every year, we use a staggering 5 trillion plastic bags! 160,000 times per second! And over 700 per individual per year. A single… Read more

Blow room | Operating zones in the blow room | Opening Devices used in Blow Room

What is Blow Room line? Cotton fibre is compressed in a bale of 200 to 250 kg. This highly compressed cotton fibre need to be ope… Read more

Bale Management | Fiber mixing and blending | Different spinning methods

What is Bale management? Testing, sorting & mixing bales according to properties of fibre for producing specific good quality… Read more

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