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The Traditional and Advanced Structure of Machine Embroidery And Their Basic Principles

Embroidery is the art and craft of enhancing the beauty of fabric by decorating with needlework using different colors and types … Read more

Chapter-2: Management Approaches to Quality | Quality Improvement Tools & Techniques

In this chapter, students can come to learn about: different management approaches to quality, concepts, and techniques for the m… Read more

Green Synthesis of Nano-particles for Waste Water Treatment

Introduction: Today most of the countries are facing drinking water problems and conditions are very severe especially in develop… Read more

Chapter-1: Introduction to Quality Management

In this chapter, students can come to learn about: meaning and measurement of quality; quality assurance, duties & responsibi… Read more

Textile Engineering Jobs in Bangladesh: An expert opinion

The common Complains from our students / junior Textile Engineers (3 years of experience ) are as below: 1. Starting salary 2. Wo… Read more

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