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Various types of woven fabrics: A comprehensive discussion

Weaving is a fabric forming technology where two sets of yarn namely warp thread (0°) and weft threads (90°) interlace orthogonal… Read more

Thermal conductivity of fiber-reinforced polymer composites

Thermal conductivity of materials, such as laminates, carbon fibers, ceramics, composites, and alloys, is often tested both in-pl… Read more

Investigation of mechanical, thermal and electrical properties of graphene reinforced carbon/epoxy multiscale composites

Graphene is one of the amazing discoveries in the twenty-first century for its extraordinary properties. It possesses superlative… Read more

A Review on the Production Methods and Applications of Graphene-Based Materials

Graphene-based materials in the form of fibres, fabrics, films, and composite materials are the most widely investigated research… Read more

What courses are essential for better textile engineering?

Textile engineering is such a discipline which will never lose its necessity or demand. Usually, textile refers to the fibre, yar… Read more

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