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Saturday, 23 May 2020

Different spinning methods | Characteristics

What is Ring spinning?

A process of spinning in which the yarn is twisted and drawn while passing through a small metal device travelling rapidly around a ring in the operation of winding the yarn onto a bobbin.

What is the Rotor spinning?

Rotor spinning (a type of open-end spinning), in which fibres are detached from the card sliver and twisted, within a rotor, as they are joined to the end of the yarn.

What is Air-jet spinning?

Air-jet spinning is a pneumatic method which consists of passing a drafted strand of fibres through one or two fluid nozzles located between the front roller of a drafting system and a take up a device. This process employs an air-jet to rotate the fibre strands and twist them into a yarn.

What is Friction spinning?

Friction spinning is an 'open-end' or a 'core-type' form of spinning (or both), in which the yarn formation takes place with the aid of frictional forces in the spinning zone. Friction- spun yarns are characterized by a distinct wrapper surface.

Characteristics of different spinning methods.

Spinning methods
Actual twist –insertion rate per minute
System limited by
Delivery speed (m/min)

Twist-insertion rate
Drafting & fibre transport speed

15,000 – 25, 000
20 - 30
80,000 – 150,000
100 - 300
150,000 – 250,000
150 – 450
200,000 – 300,000
150 - 400

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