Application of Computer in the Garments Industry

Now it is the age of science and technology. You cannot find a single sector, where a computer is not being used. Accordingly, the textile and garment industry has been modernized with the versatile applications of computer. The main applications of computer in the garment industry are as below-

Application of computer in the garment industry-Texpedia

  • Store, stock and inventory control in different sections –Inventory management system,
  • Costing, wholesale and retailing of textile goods –Digital marketing,
  • Digitizing systems –Pattern & marker management,
  • Grading systems –Marker making systems,
  • Lay spreading & Cutting operations,
  • Computer-aided Design and Manufacturing –CAD & CAM,
  • Garment Embellishment Process –Digital printing, embroidery etc.,
  • Marketing integration and Computer-Aided Market Analysis –CAMA,
  • Internet and information explosion, and
  • HRD and Payroll system. | A reliable source of learning textiles

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