Responsibilities of a Merchandiser | Apparel Merchandising

A merchandiser has to deal with all the processes from the receipt of the order to the shipment. But the fundamental responsibilities of a merchandiser are as below: 
Role & Responsibilities of a merchandiser-Texpedia

1. To identify and analyze what the buyers want and execute accordingly by proper communication with all the department involved. 

2. The prime responsibility of a merchandiser is to ensure the on-time shipment along with the right quality. 

3. Merchandiser has to do costing based on the existing infrastructure, quality norms and capabilities of the factory.

4. Merchandiser should convince the buyers to get the order confirmed by developing and offering the right type of samples.

5.  Creating a Time & Action (TNA) calendar is another important merchandising task to ensure the proper execution of the order and do shipment on-time. 

6. To do shipment at the right time, at the right place and the right cost is the ultimate target of a merchandiser. To do so they have to be very careful about each and every process. Merchandisers have to update the order status regularly to have a better hold on the schedule.

7. Coordinates and tracks the sourcing activities and make sure that all the raw materials are delivered on time.

8. Identify the problems (if any) and cooperating the factory (any department/unit) by providing suitable information and necessary support.

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