Mixing and blending of cotton fibre in blow room.

If different grades of the same fibres are kept together, then it is called mixing.

When different fibres of the same or different grades are kept together, then it is called blending.

Fibre mixing and blending
Process parameters in the blow room?
  • Number of opening machines,
  • Type of beater,
  • Type of beating,
  • Beater speed,
  • Setting between feed roller and beater,
  • The production rate of the individual machine,
  • The production rate of the entire line,
  • The thickness of the feed web, 
  • The density of the feed web,
  • Fibre micronaire,
  • Size of the flocks in the feed,
  • Type of clothing of the beater,
  • Point density of clothing,
  • Type of grid and grid settings,
  • Airflow through the grid,
  • Position of the machine in the sequence, 
  • Amount of trash in the material, 
  • Type of trash in the material,
  • Temp and relative humidity in the blow room department.

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