Recruitment, Interview and MBA

I have a special request to juniors. I beg you, please do your MBA. You have no idea how much opportunity is coming towards Bangladesh RMG sector. We simply have not enough smart textile engineer who understand the whole business process. If you want to be in a top position you need MBA. Not for degree but to learn. You can easily and will replace most of the foreign expert soon. I have seen European expert, North American expert. They are not extra ordinary, rather they made their process and tools extraordinary.

Recruitment, Interview, MBA

Question is from Where? 100% IBA first. Why? they maintain their quality and make sure students learn. Big alumni. IBA students are running all big companies in BD. If you don’t get there, then do research about other institute. I can recognize a person from IBA in 3-4 min. Don’t ask me how.

Today I went to Windsor, Canada with my Pakistani friend who works in Microsoft. He introduced me with a professor of Michigan university of computer science. Who is from BUET. After 5 min he asked are you from BUET, I said no. He then said you must be from IBA. I said, yes. Then I said I am a textile engineer too.

Out of many many resume I forwarded 7 resume to the company who asked my help out. I found 4 extremely good resume. 3 good resume. I forwarded them all 7. One doesn’t have MBA, but I know his capability, I explained them why is capable. No body paid me or asking me to do so. I did for a reason, that is, I want our juniors have opportunity to be in the top. I can tell you 3 of the candidates will be CEO around 40-42 years age. Save this status. They will testify in future. After 9 hour of journey I came home at 11:30 PM at night and submitted the resume, now almost 2 Am at night. If you don't get a call, don't get upset, you just didn't match with their criteria. Take it easy and keep trying.

Life is not easy, you need to earn them. If you are watching cricket and doing fun whole day then don’t expect to beat who are investing their time for learning. So start investing your time for MBA. I know many company in future will come to me for extremely good capable engineer. Let me help you to find your dream career, Do your MBA. I am not going anywhere, i will be in this sector. Just preparing myself with new knowledge at the age of 44 so I can open the door for many textile engineer in new emerging area.

Writing courtesy:
Engr. Mr Monowar Hossain Polash
Ex-Country Manager, ASUTEX Ltd. 

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