Garment industry owner | Preparation for a better future

Garment industry owner | Preparation for a better future

The industry owners should consider few data and make plans accordingly for long term. Considering the macro-economics then Inflation, loss of 2020/2021, upcoming rise of interest rate globally, supply chain disruption, s/he should prepare themselves focusing on the following issues:
  1. Cotton price might go up. It is US cotton price shown in the fig. 1 but it will set the standard of all market. I started following at 81 and told one of my friend in Bangladesh to get prepared and start buying, told him exactly 89 then 96 level. If it goes above 97-98 then we might see even higher prices. There is a logic and research behind it. 
  2. Chemical and dyes price will be up. Raw material price is going up, supply chain and shipping cost will go up too.
  3. Accessories price will go up. Where there is a metal involved.
  4. Infrastructure price will be up. Computer, car Machine price will be up too. Due to Crude price up carrying cost will be higher.
  5. All metal prices is higher already and will be a here for a while.
  6. Market order will be steady but brand will push for price cut to recover their think about how you are going to cut cost in difficult situation.
Garment industry owner
Future of ready made garment industry

So everything will go up with a increasing cost of fund ahead. Unless you make a plan now then you will suffer.

Writing courtesy:
Engr. Mr Monowar Hossain Palash
B.Sc. in Textile Engineering (BUTEX)

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