Bale Management | Fiber mixing and blending | Different spinning methods

Bale Management | Fiber mixing and blending | Different spinning methods

What is Bale management?

Testing, sorting & mixing bales according to properties of fibre for producing specific good quality yarn at minimum cost is called “Bale management”.

    The object of Bale management?

    An evening out of the quality characteristics of a yarn. A means of avoiding quality jumps. A possibility of reducing costs.
    • To ensure evening out of the quality characteristics of a yarn.
    • To avoid quality jumps.
    • To reduce costs.

    Bale management |

    What is mixing and blending?

    Mixing -If different grade of same fibres are kept together, then it is called mixing. e.g. 50% of 1.25” staple length of cotton + 50% of 1.125” staple length of cotton. 

    Blending -When different fibres of same or different grades are kept together and their composition is known and the yarn is reproducible then it is called blending.

    Objects of blending:

    • To achieve uniform quality.
    • To improve processing performance.
    • To reduce and control of production cost.
    • To give the required characteristics to the end product.

    Fibre mixing and blending

    Process parameters in the blow room?

    • Number of opening machines,
    • Type of beater,
    • Type of beating,
    • Beater speed,
    • Setting between feed roller and beater,
    • The production rate of the individual machine,
    • The production rate of the entire line,
    • The thickness of the feed web,
    • The density of the feed web,
    • Fibre micronaire,
    • Size of the flocks in the feed,
    • Type of clothing of the beater,
    • Point density of clothing,
    • Type of grid and grid settings,
    • Airflow through the grid,
    • Position of the machine in the sequence,
    • Amount of trash in the material,
    • Type of trash in the material,
    • Temp and relative humidity in the blow room department.

    Ring data?

    Ring data is an additional attachment for data collection. It is one kind of software which collects data about the ring frame. It is also called production controlling system of the ring frame.

    The data collected on:

    πŸ‘‰Production data (OPS, GMS total data of previous 3 shift)
    πŸ‘‰End breakage rate
    πŸ‘‰Machine efficiency
    πŸ‘‰Doffing time
    πŸ‘‰No. of Doff
    πŸ‘‰Machine downtime
    πŸ‘‰Yarn count
    πŸ‘‰Yarn lot
    πŸ‘‰No. of working spindle
    πŸ‘‰Fibre type
    πŸ‘‰Spindle speed

    Yarn spinning methods?

    Different spinning methods have different types of influences on fibre properties. So output yarn properties vary according to the spinning methods as below-

    Order of importance Ring Rotor Air-jet Friction
    1 Length and length uniformity Strength Fineness Strength
    2 Strength Fineness Cleanliness Fineness
    3 Fineness Length and length Uniformity Strength Length and length uniformity
    4 - - Length and length uniformity Cleanliness

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