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Students usually learn how to do research and publish the research findings in the national and international journals during undergraduate level. They must accomplish research project works especially while they are in the final semester. In addition, many students are involved in different research teams led by senior researchers. One of the main motivations of these kinds of research is to publish the research outcomes in the reputed journals or present in the well-recognized conferences. Otherwise, the research outcomes are limited to very few people. The mass people or any scientific community cannot know about that research outcomes. That is why, there is a saying that “Publish or perish!!!”.

    How many research papers are published each year?

    Nowadays, significant research is being done in each discipline. Thanks to the rapid advancement in the science and technology, doing research has been more facilitated. Approximately 2.5 million new scientific papers are published each year, where China, the US, and India hold the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd positions, respectively. So, to cope with this highly competitive race, students must learn about research and publication during their student lives. Many undergraduate research projects outcomes are found to be published in good journals with high impact factors. However, this is not common scenario rather most of them are either not published or published in no famous journals.

    List of Textile Journals

    Which journals are preferred for publications? 

    It is highly recommended to publish the articles in those journals that are indexed in web of science, scopus, etc. rather than publishing in various commercial journals/magazines which are termed as predatory journals. No credits are found from publishing the research outcomes in those predatory journals. Because real scientific society does not follow those journals. In this article, you are going to know about some of the textile journals with low (impact factor below 1.00), medium (impact factor between 1~5) and high impact factor (above 5.00) that are indexed in web of science. Please note that, the list provided below covers traditional textiles, textile materials or advanced textiles, polymer chemistry or textile dyes-chemicals.

    List of textile journals with low impact factor

    Sl. No. Journal name
    1Fibres & Textiles in Eastern Europe*
    2Indian Journal of Fibre & Textile Research*
    3 International Journal of Clothing Science and Technology*
    4 Materials Testing
    5 Revista Romana De Materiale-Romanian Journal of Materials
    6 Advanced Composites Letters
    7 Sensors And Materials
    8 Journal Of Materials Education
    9 Tekstilec
    10 Journal Of Wuhan University of Technology-Materials Science Edition
    11 International Journal of Materials Research
    12 Materiali In Tehnologije
    13 Science And Engineering of Composite Materials
    14 International Journal of Materials & Product Technology
    15 Materials Transactions
    16 Materials Science
    17 Materials Evaluation
    18 Inorganic Materials
    19 Materials Science-Poland
    20 Journal Of Mechanics of Materials And Structures
    21 Polymer-Plastics Technology and Materials
    22 Materials Performance
    23 Journal Of Polymer Materials
    24 Advanced Materials & Processes
    25 Journal Of the Japan Institute Of Metals And Materials
    26 Emerging Materials Research
    27 Journal Of Superhard Materials
    28 Indian Journal of Engineering and Materials Sciences
    29 Revista Romana De Materiale-Romanian Journal of Materials
    30 Science And Technology of Energetic Materials
    31 Journal Of Inorganic Materials
    32 Journal Of Engineered Fibers and Fabrics
    33 Journal Of Theoretical & Computational Chemistry
    34 Fiber And Integrated Optics
    35 Journal Of Fiber Science and Technology
    36 Russian Journal of Inorganic Chemistry
    37 Chinese Journal of Analytical Chemistry
    38 Chinese Journal of Inorganic Chemistry
    39 Journal Of Analytical Chemistry
    40 Letters In Organic Chemistry
    41 Journal Of Structural Chemistry
    42 Geochemistry International
    43 Foundations Of Chemistry
    44 Chemistry Of Natural Compounds
    45 Theoretical And Experimental Chemistry
    46 Journal Of Water Chemistry and Technology
    47 Fibre Chemistry
    48 Indian Journal of Fibre & Textile Research
    49 Polymer Science Series A
    50 Polymer Science Series B
    51 Polymer Science Series C
    52 International Polymer Processing
    53 Chemistry & Industry
    54 Journal Of Polymer Materials
    55 Polymer-Plastics Technology and Materials

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    List of textile journals with medium impact factor

    Sl. No. Journal name
    1 Journal of Industrial Textiles**
    2 Textile Research Journal**
    3 Fashion and Textiles**
    4 Journal Of the Textile Institute**
    5 Clothing and Textiles Research Journal**
    6 Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management**
    7 Geotextiles And Geomembranes**
    8 Green Materials
    9 Journal Of Materials Engineering and Performance
    10 Materials Express
    11 Journal Of Reinforced Plastics and Composites
    12 Polymer Composites
    13 Composite Interfaces
    14 Journal Of Composites for Construction
    15 Composites Communications
    16 Polymers & Polymer Composites
    17 Plastics Rubber and Composites
    18 Materials Technology
    19 Frontiers Of Materials Science
    20 New Carbon Materials
    21 International Journal of Concrete Structures and Materials
    22 Materials Science and Technology
    23 Modelling And Simulation in Materials Science And Engineering
    24 Advanced Composite Materials
    25 Materials Research Express
    26 Journal Of Composite Materials
    27 Journal of Nanomaterials
    28 International Journal of Polymeric Materials and Polymeric Biomaterials
    29 Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology
    30 Journal Of Porous Materials
    31 Applied Composite Materials
    32 Journal Of Materials Research
    33 Materials Today Communications
    34 Frontiers in Materials
    35 Computational Materials Science
    36 Materials And Structures
    37 Mechanics Of Materials
    38 Fatigue & Fracture of Engineering Materials & Structures
    39 Materials And Manufacturing Processes
    40 Materials
    41 Materials Letters
    42 Advanced Engineering Materials
    43 International Journal of Mechanics and Materials in Design
    44 Mechanics Of Advanced Materials and Structures
    45 Journal Of Materials Science
    46 Materials Characterization
    47 Progress in Natural Science-Materials International
    48 Materials Research Bulletin
    49 Nanomaterials
    50 International Journal of Material Forming
    51 Sustainable Materials and Technologies
    52 Construction And Building Materials
    53 Journal Of Materials Processing Technology
    54 Materials Science and Engineering B-Advanced Functional Solid-State Materials
    55 Advanced Materials Interfaces
    56 Mechanics Of Composite Materials
    57 Science of Advanced Materials
    58 Reviews On Advanced Materials Science
    59 Soft Materials
    60 Advances in Materials Science and Engineering
    61 Journal of Energetic Materials
    62 Journal of Renewable Materials
    63 Materials At High Temperatures
    64 Bulletin Of Materials Science
    65 Materiales De Construccion
    66 Materials Research-Ibero-american Journal of Materials
    67 ACI Materials Journal
    68 Journal Of Thermoplastic Composite Materials
    69 Materials Science and Engineering A-Structural Materials Properties Microstructure And Processing
    70 Polymer
    71 Polymer Degradation and Stability
    72 European Polymer Journal
    73 Polymers
    74 Reactive & Functional Polymers
    75 Polymer Testing
    76 Chinese Journal of Polymer Science
    77 Express Polymer Letters
    78 Plasma Processes and Polymers
    79 Journal Of Polymer Science Part A-Polymer Chemistry
    80 Polymer Journal
    81 Journal Of Biomaterials Science-Polymer Edition
    82 Polymers For Advanced Technologies
    83 Polymer International
    84 Journal Of Polymers and The Environment
    85 Journal Of Applied Polymer Science
    86 Journal Of Polymer Science Part B-Polymer Physics
    87 Journal Of Polymer Research
    88 Polymer Bulletin
    89 International Journal of Polymeric Materials and Polymeric Biomaterials
    90 Polymer-Plastics Technology and Engineering
    91 Journal Of Inorganic and Organometallic Polymers and Materials
    92 Polymer Engineering and Science
    93 Biopolymers
    94 Acta Polymerica Sinica
    95 Advances In Polymer Science
    96 International Journal of Polymer Analysis and Characterization
    97 International Journal of Polymer Science
    98 High Performance Polymers
    99 Advances In Polymer Technology

    List of textile journals with high impact factor

    Sl. No. Journal name
    1 Composites Part B-Engineering
    2 Advanced Functional Materials
    3 Materials Today
    4 Materials Science & Engineering R-Reports
    5 Advanced Materials
    6 Progress In Materials Science
    7 Nature Materials
    8 Nature Reviews Materials
    9 Scripta Materialia
    10 Journal Of Materials Research and Technology
    11 Materials Today Energy
    12 Science And Technology of Advanced Materials
    13 Journal Of Materials Chemistry B
    14 Composite Structures
    15 Cement & Concrete Composites
    16 Composites Part A-Applied Science and Manufacturing
    17 Composites Science and Technology
    18 Journal Of Materials Chemistry C
    19 Materials Research Letters
    20 Materials & Design
    21 Journal Of Materials Science & Technology
    22 Science China-Materials
    23 Advanced Materials Technologies
    24 Materials Science & Engineering C-Materials for Biological Applications
    25 Annual Review of Materials Research
    26 Materials Horizons
    27 Journal Of Materials Chemistry A
    28 ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces
    29 Applied Materials Today
    30 Acta Materialia
    31 2D Materials
    32 International Materials Reviews
    33 Progress In Polymer Science
    34 Polymer Reviews
    35 Polymer Chemistry
    36 Nature Chemistry
    37 Journal Of Materials Chemistry A
    38 Chemistry Of Materials
    39 Green Chemistry
    40 ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering
    41 Environmental Chemistry Letters
    42 Journal Of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry


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